Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Entry

I think I'm beyond crazy typing this blog right now since in three days, it'll be my first pre-boards. I find my comprehensive exams scores last week quite low, though I passed. My dearest alma mater, University of Santo Tomas - College of Nursing, has been aiming to have a hundred percent passing rate in the June/July licensure examinations. The last time our college had zero mortality vaguely is a really long time ago. For the recent years, passing rates have been ranging from 95 to 99 percent.

However, I do not know where to start studying, so might as well release my dilemma first through this. I began to browse my notes and books since March, but I won't finish a single course. I kept on losing track, probably because of my decreasing attention span, especially if I see food or surf the internet. Well, after typing this, I promise to shut down my computer, and hit my review notes. Currently, my "Public Health Nursing in the Philippines" book is half-open and scarcely read. Anyways, I really need to get close to motivated future top notchers such as my seatmate JJ, who got the highest over-all score in the compre, or one of my closest friends, Minnie, who prays hard and works hard.

Time check, nine-fourteen. If I continue to write this entry, it would take me until my board exams. But this is what I really miss in high school--writing stuff down anytime I want, and not in my Thomasian Planner which I am obligated to write down on since I have skipped a lot of pages already, mostly due to my schoolwork. Anyhow, this has been a short and sensible post (I hope so).

Peppermint hugs,

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