Thursday, May 26, 2011

Med is in, TransforMED--whatever slogan you want.

Today's events were quite unexpected. I woke up at 9:45 in the morning, and just remembered that I should get my certified true copy of my transcript of records at the UST Main Building. I was panicking since I thought that there'll be a whole lot of people due to the enrollment of most colleges/faculties. When I got there, I was right. There were a lot of innocent, fragile faces (and yes, I was talking about the incoming freshmen, obviously together with their worrisome parents), but not in the lane where I am supposed to line up. Thereafter, I went to the Medicine Office to pass certain pre-enrollment requirements and sign the mandatory drug test agreement, then the secretary told me to go to the Main Building registrar again for the formal filing of the papers. Okay, so I was there, already lined up at Window 5 (FMS), when I saw group of students in front of me, holding on to their requirements, including a weird blue paper and some receipts. Looking at their faces, I thought they were also incoming Medicine students. I was so confused and unsure of what to do, thinking that I lack some papers. In horror (haha), I called up my classmate Karla to ask about the registration and enrollment procedures. She said that she was on her way to school, so I waited for her for almost an hour. She arrived exactly at lunch time, so we ate at McDonald's - UST Carpark first since the offices also go on a meal break. After eating and helping Karla with some of her requirements, we went to Window 5 again and gave our papers. And that was it. I am ready to enroll. I gave a ring to Karla just for that. So much for my confusion and semi-pseudo-paranoia a.k.a. shyness without reason. It was okay though. I met my former NMAT review-mate Kaye Ramirez again along the way.

Fast forward to the evening. I saw our new room already, just at Pacific Suites. I'll just take the elevator from my current room at Pacific Grand Tower, and voila, I'm in that place (the new room). Though, I'm not in the mood to move my stuff there, so I'll do it a few days before classes start. Change topic (sorry for the flight of ideas, haha!). I was answering the June 2007 compiled PNLE questions awhile ago, and I realized, I'm really not good in Communicable Diseases (CD) and Community Health Nursing (CHN), even though I really, really try. [Insert famous Just Once lyrics* here.] Anyways, I'll just lift my self-esteem up as my strength is Medical-Surgical Nursing (MS). I can't believe I haven't browsed my MS notes and books yet, but my highest score was in that course. MS Nursing is a lower form of the "real" Medicine and Surgery, so I guess it would help in the next semesters! My life is just so odd. I'm odd. No, actually, the questions are. I still need rationales for some of the items, because I'm in doubt of the answer key. I just hope there will be Divine Intervention when something pops out like those in the board exams. Plus, proper shading is the key to being a topnotcher or board passer! Finally, I hope God will help me split Nursing and Medicine topics in my brain. This begins the transition from being a student and soon-to-be registered nurse, to being a Medicine freshman. Almost a month to go before the two-day mayday! Leggo, NUR and MED!

*Famous Just Once lyrics: I did my best, but my best was just not good enough.

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